Tourist Place in Kannur

  • Arakkal Kettu Museum

    Arakkal Kettu was the palace of the erstwhile Arakkal Ali Rajas, the only Muslim royal family of Kerala. The palace is situated opposite the Ayikkara Moplah Bay, about three kilometres from Kannur town.

    History – Ali Rajas and Arakkal Beevis

    The Arakkal dynasty is believed to have their lineage from a Nair functionary of the Kolathiri Rajas, who later converted to Islam with the name Mammali. A story about Mammali has it...

  • Muzhappilangad Beach


    This beach is the longest Drive-In Beach in India and is featured among the top 6 best beaches for driving in the world in BBC article for Autos.[2] Even though Goa has many beautiful beaches, it does not have a Drive-in beach.longest drive in beach in Asia

    The beach festival is celebrated in the month of April and it is one of the important tourist attraction in the district of Kannur in Kerala. The youth also try many driving stunts in cars like drifting and wheeling in bikes...

  • Ezhimala Hill


    Ezhimala Overview
    Truer words were never said when Kerela was deemed "God's own country". And right in the midst of this surreal beauty lies the beautiful hillock of Ezhimala. Combining the best of both worlds, this 286-meter high destination is located surrounding a pristine beach. Ezhimala also has a few carved stone structures, and the herbs found in this location are famous for their unusual medicinal properties.

    The term Ezhimala is an amalgam of the...

  • Payyambalam Beach


    Quiet, secluded, this beautiful stretch of sand and surf is the best locale for a relaxed evening. The Payyambalam beach is a popular picnic spot of the local people and holds much potential for development into a tourist resort.

    The rest of the land - Kannur - is equally fascinating to explore. Being the cradle of ageless folk arts like Theyyam and folk music, Kannur has always remained a land of ageless charms.

    Getting there

  • Palukachi Mala


    ' Palukachi Mala ' is in the Northern part of Kerala - Kannur district. Kottiyoor is called Dakshina Kashi and Daksha Yaga bhoomi. Kottiyoor Shiva temple is very famous and ancient. Twenty eight days religious celebrations are held there. Brahmins, Nairs, Izhavas, Paniyan, Kurichan, Mannan, Chaaliyan, Chettiyaar, -- all the castes including both rich and poor come there. One part of the temple is Palukachimala. After Daksha Yaga Dakshayani sacrificed her life in the Yagna Agni. In the next...

  • St. Angelo Fort


    A massive triangular laterite fort, replete with a moat and flanking bastions, the St. Angelo's Fort also called Kannur Fort was constructed by the first Portuguese Viceroy, Don Francesco de Almeida in 1505.

    In 1663, the Dutch captured the fort from the Portuguese and sold it to Ali Raja of Kannur. In 1790 the British who seized control over the fort, renovated and equipped it to be their most important military station in Malabar.

    Today, St. Angelo's Fort is a...

  • Munderikadavu bird sanctuary


    The proposed Munderikadavu bird sanctuary is located in Kannur disrict of the Kerala state, about 12 kilometres from district H.Q., spread across Munderi and neighbouring panchayats, forms the catchment of the Kattampally river.

    It is is an ornithologist’s paradise , a favourite haunt of migratory birds, important for rich variety of plants, mangroves and fish. The Munderikadavu is home to nearly 200 species of birds, including 60 varieties of migratory birds. The...

  • Parassinikadavu Sri Muthappan Temple


    This centre of worship and faith has in store many unique practices and rituals, and the temple architecture itself stands testimony to this aspect. Located 20 km away from Kannur, a northern district of Kerala, the Parassinikadavu Muthappan (Siva) Temple on the banks of the Valapatnam River attracts people from all sections of the society; irrespective of religion, caste and promotes the essence of "Vasudaiva Kutumbakam - The whole world is one family."

    The origin of the...

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