Tourist Place in Kasargod

  • Bekal Fort

    Details & history

    Historical importance

    It is believed that the Bekal fort might have existed even from early days of the Chirakkal Rajas for the fact that it was common in those days to build a fort for the purpose of defense. Many of the old royal palaces have forts to protect them from the enemies. Decribing the Kolathiri Kingdom in his Kerala History, K.P. Padmanabha Menon writes that the residence allotted to the Thekkelamkur: "The eldest of the male members reigned as...

  • Chandragiri Fort


    Southeast of Kasaragod town on the banks of the Chandragiri river, Kasaragod district, north Kerala.

    A ruined fort, a vantage point offering a breathtaking view of the river, coconut groves and the Arabian sea.

    The ruins of the massive 17th century fort sprawled on the banks of the Chandragiri river is a place of immense importance to archaeology and history students.

    The fort...

  • Hosdurg Fort


    Hosdurg Fort is a fort situated in Kanhangad which is part of Kasargod district in Kerala. Hosdurg Fort with its round support looks impressive from a distance.Somashekara Nayaka from the Keladi Nayaka dynasty of Ikkeri built this fort. The place is made well known by the Nithyanandasram with 45 caves.

    This fort is actually an old Shiva Temple popularly known as Karpureshwara Temple, the courts and other government offices, and residential houses. The fort tower was used as...


    Details & History


    Sri Ananthapadmanabha Swamy Temple is Vibrant with the spiritual power of Lord Mahavishnu is located near the northern end of Kerala, in Ananthapura near Kumbla in Kasaragod District. The temple is known as the moolasthanam, the original source, of the Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple of Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala State, which is in the far south.
    The Landscape on the way to the temple opens a vast panoramic scene with...

  • Ranipuram Proposed Wildlife sanctuary


    Ranipuram Wildlife sanctuary is an accumulation of grassy hills, a bio-diversity hotspot near Panathady town and lies on the Kerala-Karnataka border. Ranipuram was previously known as Madathumala. The wildlife sanctuary is linked to Kanhangad by Kanhangad-Panathur state highway. The proposed wildlife sanctuary of Kanhangad consists of an assortment of flora and fauna that are common only to the Western Ghats. This biodiversity hotspot still remains unexplored completely and there is a lot to...

  • Neeleswaram Royal Palace


    Neeleswaram Royal Palace in the small town of Neeleswaram (also spelt as Nileswaram) in Kerala has been converted into a folklore center of the Department of Archaeology. The palace is a hub of cultural activities where visitors can learn about Kerala’s rich culture and traditions.

    Nileswaram with its tranquil backwaters and pretty beaches is a charming town 40 kms from Kasaragod. It was the headquarters of the former Nileswar Rajas and was, in times past, known as the...

  • Kanwatheertha Beach


    Kanwatheertha beach is situated in the Kasargod district, at a distance of 5 km from north of Manjeshwar railway station. This place offers panoramic views of Arabian Sea. The luscious coconut groves on the beach give the beach a lush green cover. The huge pond close to the sea which is called ‘Kanwa Thirtha’ is a source of pristine water.
    Kanwatheertha Beach has never-ending miles of beaches basked in sunrays, with the tall palm trees dancing alongside. The place is considered as...

  • Malik Deenar Juma Masjid


    The historic Malik Deenar Juma Masjid built in the typical Kerala style is believed to have been founded by Malik Ibn Deenar. The mosque, Juma Masjid, which is one of the best kept and most attractive in the district, is located at Thalankara.

    Malik bin Deenar or Malik Ibn Dinar was a Tabi‘in who is famous for being the first to bring Islam to India. In 624 AD, Malik Ibn Deenar and 12 of his trade associates landed in Kerala. Their mission was not just trade but to...

  • Valiyaparamba backwaters


    Valiyaparamba located near Bekal, is a beautiful backwater destination. A tour to Valiyaparamba will provide you a holiday in one of the most serene and tranquil destinations of Kerala. Located near Kasargod, Valiyaparamba is a small island favored by the tourists who search for some seclusion in the lap of nature. Lush green groves of coconut and emerald green backwaters make your tour Valiyaparamba a perfect retreat.

    Location of Valiyaparamba

  • Kottancheri Hills


    A beautiful rain forest near Konnakad, the Kottancheri Hills is a part of the Western Ghats in Kasaragod district and an extension of Ranipuram wildlife sanctuary. The place is 30kms north-east of Kanhangad. The picnic centre at Kottancheri Hills makes it a favorite among the travellers. The hills are also ideal for trekking and are credited as trekker’s paradise. The nearness of the Talakaveri in the Brahmagiri mountain range of Kodaku adds to the charm of this place. The Forests of...

  • Veeramala Hills


    Veeramala hills is a small mountain, with ruins of an 18th century Dutch fort reminds the travellers about a bygone era. Located in Cheruvathur, Veeramala Hill is an ideal tourist spot from where the natural beauty of the Kariangode River and its surroundings can be enjoyed. The NH 17 runs adjacent to this picnic spot. The home of illustrious poets and scholars of Kuttamathu in Cheruvathur is situated near by.

    How to reach Veeramala
    Cheruvathur is located...