Tourist Place in Thrissur

  • Athirappilly Falls


    The most famous waterfalls of Kerala, Athirappalli and Vazhachal are situated at Athirappilly Thaluk in Thrissur district of Kerala, India on the Chalakudy River , which originates from the upper reaches of the Western Ghats. At the entrance to the Sholayar ranges is the largest waterfall in Kerala, Athirapally, which stands tall at 80 feet. Just a short drive from Athirapally, the Vazhachal waterfall is close to dense green forests that are home to many endangered and endemic species of flora...

  • Guruvayur Temple

    Details & Background


    Guruvayur is a place established by Guru Bhagwan (Jupiter) and Vayu Bhagwan. The beneficial aspect of Guru in one’s horoscope brings in to him/her boundless benefits removing everything that is not good. Vayu being the authority of wind is both soft and wild. He blows softly making people happy. He also blows fast as a tempest destroying things. Lord Krishna was soft to Pandavas and a terrible hurricane to the Kauravas.

  • Thrissur Zoo & Museum


    Thrissur Zoo & Museum, started functioning sometime in 1885 is located right at the heart of Thrissur 2km from town, around 13.5 acres of the compound with a variety of fauna like the lion tailed macaque, sloth bear, species of birds and deer. The snake park has a reptilian collection of King Cobras, Cobras, Python, Kraits, Vipers and Rat Snakes. Interestingly there is a public road across the zoo which separates the zoo into two! To reach the rear section, you need to cross an over bridge...

  • Thrissur pooram



    Thekkinkadu Maidanam





    A resplendent festival celebrated with a grand display of caparisoned elephants, dazzling parasols, and percussion music, the Thrissur Pooram is a magnificent spectacle merging the spiritual and cultural essence of Kerala.

    Celebrated in the Malayalam month of medam...

  • Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda Museum


    With an antiquity of about 5000 years, Ayurveda remains nature’s best remedy for a wide range of health problems. Kerala’s traditional wisdom in healthcare to a great extent is based on the principles of Ayurveda. Making a strong come back in the modern era, Ayurveda has more takers than ever before. Talking about Ayurveda, in Kerala, visitors can check out a museum established and maintained by one of the leading names in Ayurveda – the Ashtavaidyan Thaikkattu Mooss Vaidyaratnam Group of...

  • Shakthan Thampuran Palace


    The Palace of Shakthan Thampuran located in the district of Thrissur is a landmark in the annals of the Perumpadappu Swaroopam, the former ruling dynasty of Kochi. The palace located in the heart of Thrissur town is a major attraction, especially for those with a special interest on rulers and dynasties. At the Shakthan Thampuran Palace, one can come across and understand several interesting and remarkable aspects of the erstwhile rulers of Kochi.

    Historians consider the reign of...

  • Thekkinkadu Maidan

    Details & History

    Thekkinkadu Maidan (Malayalam: തേക്കിൻകാട് മൈതാനം) is situated in the middle of Thrissur city of Kerala state in India. This hillock which seats the Vadakkumnathan Temple, is an open ground in the centre of the Thrissur city which is under the custody of the Cochin Devaswom Board (CDB). It hosts the spectacular cultural festival Thrissur Pooram, which is considered the Mother of all Poorams in Kerala.


  • Basilica of Our Lady of Dolours


    St. Thomas, one of the twelve chosen Disciples of Christ and the Apostle of India who sowed the seeds of Christianity in India, set foot at Cranganore (Kodungallur) in 52 AD.

    At that time Cranganore (Kodungallur) was a busy center of commerce and an important port. He traveled about various parts of Kerala by water and land, preaching the Gospel and forming Christian communities which began to grow and several of them sprang up in the vicinities of Thrissur Town too. The heart of...

  • Vadakkumnathan Temple


    Believed to have been built by Lord Parasurama who reclaimed Kerala from the sea, the Vadakkumnathan Temple is one of the oldest in the State. A classic example of the Kerala style of architecture, the temple has many decorative murals and pieces of art. Exquisite murals on the Mahabharata adorn the walls of the shrine. This is the venue of the world famous Pooram Festival celebrated annually in April-May. The fireworks at the Pooram are a spectacular sight.
    Temple timings: 04:00 - 10:30...

  • Kerala Lalithakala Akademi


    An autonomous institute of culture functioning under the State Department of Culture.
    The academy was set up in the year 1962, at Thrissur district, for the preservation and development of Kerala’s fine arts. The first chairman of the academy was M Raja Varma Raja, son of internationally acclaimed painter Raja Ravi Varma. The academy aims to promote fine arts such as painting, sculpture, photography, graphics, and cartooning.
    The head quarters at Thrissur was designed by...